One Day at a Time!

We’ve all heard that familiar comment, “One Day at a Time”.  What I find is, this applies to most things in life and one does not need to have an addiction to apply these seasoned words of wisdom.  What I believe to be true is, most people have some type of addiction, or are close to someone who has an addiction. It may be as visual and common as cigarette smoking, or it may be hidden, shameful and controlling, such as alcoholism  The type of addition may vary, but it is there, never-the-less.  After initially submitting my opening comments, I found myself in a position of major support for my daughter, who has been battling her own demons as the result of the traumatic loss her young child.  After several years, she took that elusive step called, acknowledgement and ownership of her problem.   As result of witnessing the traumatic death of her 4 year old son, alcohol became the main vehicle of escape.  Through the course of 9 years, she has finally taken the steps to cope with her loss and grief.

I believe that we all will experience a traumatic event in our lives, some of us sooner than others.  It is how we choose and respond in these times that is important.

Here are a few comments to ponder: why do some people, who would experience a similar event, respond in different ways.  Some in a healthy way and other people would stray to an addictive escape?  What plays into ‘mental heartiness’?  Is a person’s ‘mental heartiness’ something they are born with?  Why do some people face their demons/addictions and come out stronger and other continue in an unstoppable spiral downward.  And lastly, at what point is the line crossed from alcohol abuse or overuse to alcholism?

I look forward to the comments.

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